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"Withnail and I" Pack


Each pack contains the following items:






"Withnail and I" Pack


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A luscious 6 bottle mixed selection of our finest wines available to humanity... we want them here and we want them now!

We want tea and fine wine....

Bundle includes 1 bottle of our acclaimed "Fonte Mouro Reserva red", 1 bottle of our best seller "Tã Somente Reserva White", 2 bottles of "Cantando White", 1 bottle of "Cantando Red" and 1 bottle of "Nã Te Rales Red".

More than enough to make you want to go on holiday by mistake.

Free Shipping on this pack!!!

You Save ...


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Additional Information:

Additional Details "Fonte Mouro Reserva":

It presents an intense ruby color, aroma of black fruit and some spicy notes, soft tannins and good acidity that allows it to have a great longevity.
Should be served to accompany meat, like pork and lamb.
Alicante Bouschet (56%) and Touriga Nacional (44%).
Alcohol content: 15% vol.
Total acidity: 6,6 g/L tartaric acid.
Total sugars: 1,0 g/L
PH: 3,60

Additional Details "Cantando Red":

Syrah and Alicante produced on strong soil of Beja contrast in a concentrated profile where the notes of black pepper and plum are integrated in the toasting of the oak barrels. The mouth is long and very soft.
Syrah and Alicante Bouschet.
Alcohol content: 15% vol.
Total acidity: 5,9 g/L tartaric acid.
Total sugars: 1,3 g/L
PH: 3,57

Additional Details "Não Te Rales Red":

Wine of intense ruby colour, aroma of well ripened red fruits,
vanilla, good acidity and soft tannins.
Touriga Nacional, Syrah and Alicante Bouschet.
Alcohol content: 15% vol.
Total acidity: 5,3 g/L tartaric acid.
Total sugars: 0,9 g/L
PH: 3,79

Additional Details "Tã Somente Reserva White":

Presents a yellow citric color, complex aroma, fruity, nuts and vanilla. On the mouth is full, fresh and with a persistent final. Accompanies fish dishes and shellfish at the ideal temperature of 11ºC and 12ºC.
Alcohol content: 13,5% vol.
Total acidity: 5,8 g/L tartaric acid.
Total sugars: 0,7 g/L
PH: 3,66

Additional Details "Cantando White":

Verdelho and Sauvignon Blanc produced in the heat of Vidigueira provide in contrast a citrus profile, fresh with pear and peach fruits. In the mouth it is full intense and with refreshing acidity.
It should be served at a temperature of 11ºC to 12ºC accompanied by fish and seafood dishes.
Verdelho and Sauvignon Blanc.
Alcohol content: 13% vol.
Total acidity: 5,8 g/L tartaric acid.
Total sugars: 0,4 g/L
PH: 3,50

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